Fruit Trees and Arbocap®


Current climate changes are altering the normal physiological state of trees with repercussions on their vegetative state, flowering, yield and capacity to defend against pathogens. Negative climatic factors can cause out-of-season flowering, draught and/or excessive rain, high/low temperature fluctuations, soil compacting, reduced assimilation of nutritional elements and increases in parasitic attacks.

To solidly help trees, trunk injection techniques are used to increase the formation of phytoalexins with injections of potassium phosphites.


Rechargeable Arbocap® capsules are injected inside of the wood to stimulate the physiological state of the trees, increasing the production of phytoalexins and providing improved defense against pathogens.
The injected products move through the raw sap: they reach all of the foliage and enter into the vital circulation of the tree – from the roots to the leaves (in the xylem) and from the leaves to the roots (in the phloem).

Potassium phosphite, injected into the trees with Arbocap® capsules in the proper dilution, is divided into the potassium component (fertilizing action) and the phosphite fraction (which then transforms into phosphorous acid inside the tree).
The phosphorous acid induces the production of phytoalexins (which improve the tree’s capacity to defend against pathogenic agents) and stimulates the tree’s vegetative capacity (inducing better flowering and yield).

• Better resistance to adverse weather
• Improved and increased flowering
• Better yield
• Improved resistance to pathogens and the subsequent reduction of phytochemicals


In addition to the benefits described above, using Arbocap® on ornamental trees provides direct defense from insects and pathogenic fungi through the use of suitable phytochemicals for these specific purposes
Insecticides used with Arbocap® in trunk injections maintain their defense capacity throughout the entire annual vegetative cycle. In evergreen trees these actions are prolonged for several years.

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